We continually seek to improve our processes, services, and excellence in the commercialization of our agricultural and food products.


Our goal is to supply agricultural products and foods with excellent quality, following sustainable international regulations and norms with the well being of our clients in mind.


Excellence, responsibility, respect, trust, community actions, ethics, and commitment to our customers.

From the Farm to your Table

Our Chia seeds are produced on our own farms. In the same location the seeds pass through rigorous processes of selection, cleaning, humidity control, sterilization, and packaging; the Produza foods team handles every process in-house. Our team handles all of this ourselves to guarantee our product arrives on the table of our consumers as the most secure and nutritional food possible.

Our Farms

The principle objectives of Produza foods are sustainable growth and excellence in the products we produce. We achieve these goals from planting all the way to the final product by rigorously following certified procedures.

Our grains are produced on our own farms located in Paraguay where we have favorable conditions in our soil and climate to cultivate the Chia seeds. These lands are selected and cleaned, guaranteeing integrity and security for the final product.

What we Produce

We commercialize seeds, flour, and oil from our own Chia production. Our products are available in Stand-up pouch style packaging with zip-loc in 250g, 500g, 1kg, and 25kg sizes. Our Chia oil can be purchased in bottles of 250ml or in plastic barrels from 5 to 200 liters.

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Total Control

Every step of our production process are 100% controlled with internationally established procedures from the NOP (Organic – United States, CE 834/07 (Organic – European Union), JAS (Organic – Japan), Kosher (U – Orthodox Union), BPM, and HACCP. These standards allow us to offer products of the highest quality and security for our customers.

Trained Team

Produza foods team members receive periodic training to correctly execute each step of our production process based on sanitary specifications from the food sector.


The entire production process is registered to allow tracking of our seeds and other products with lot codes printed on each of our products. Our clients can follow each step of the logistics process until the cargo arrives using this code.

Our Production

We are responsible for our own farms and cultivation. This permits the greatest level of control, security, and quality control for all of the products we offer for our clients.

Quality Guaranteed

Our factory contains our modern laboratory where we analyze all of the lots produced by our company. This process guarantees a healthy and secure product for our clients and consumers.

The Chia seed is a food eaten in its natural form. As such it should be harvested, processed, electronically classified, and microbiologically treated so as to guarantee the best nutritional indices. The treatment the seeds receives also assists in avoiding any contaminants like fungus, bacteria, insects, and chemical or metal elements.

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Social Responsibility

Produza foods makes sure to offer employees and their families living conditions that are adequate in comfort and security. This concern for our team is one of the principle guidelines of our business. We take very good care in listening to our workers concerns and needs, as we believe that in this way we are collaborating in the existence of ideal conditions for work and for their lives in general.

Care for our team members

Our farms are home to more than 40 employees and their families. These families live in individual homes with air conditioning, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. These families live in security and may take advantage of that security and tranquility to provide a comfortable life allowing them to work the lands as necessary.

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable growth and ecological conscience are a solid part of the Produza foods philosophy. We believe positive attitudes in the field are fundamental to minimize hunger and to work together in the preservation of our planet.

Produza foods holds sustainability as a fundamental principle. We strive to protect natural resources through maintaining a balance in our production in equilibrium with the environment. We create conditions that allow our business to coexist in harmony with nature so as to guarantee social and economic conditions for future generations:

  1. We preserve local flora and fauna
  2. We control the hunting and poaching of wild animals
  3. We prohibit burning as a method of cleaning unwanted growth
  4. We maintain 25% of our properties as natural habitat reserves
  5. We conserve waterside vegetation for lakes and rivers
  6. We practice no-till planting
  7. We practice precision agriculture on our entire property
  8. We utilize well water on our properties
  9. We handle our own waste treatment
  10. We process organic waste for recycled purposes


International certifications of quality, origin tracking, and processes guarantee the products benefits for your body, as well for the environment, and society.