Total Control and Traceability

We are responsible for the entire production chain of the Chia seeds, from planting until the final product is delivered. The entire production process is controlled so that we may track our seeds via lot numbers printed on our product packaging. This information is shared directly with our clients. Our clients may request information directly from our contacts page, informing the product lot code.

Quality Control

Produza foods has adopted a quality control policy followed by other leaders in the food industry that guarantees the excellent characteristics we provide to our clients. Produza foods integrates its own laboratories, utilizing the most modern equipment available to monitor the quality of our Chia seeds and their derivatives prior to distribution.

Selection and Treatment

Beginning with a rigorous process of selection, we commercialize only the seeds that are in the best condition for consumption. We utilize the latest generation of equipment to electronically separate our Chia seeds in order to obtain 99.99% purity by color. Our mission is to always deliver a genuinely premium product.


We package our seeds and flour utilizing a Form Fill Seal (FFS) machinery, and we apply Zippers to facilitate the sealing of our packages while maintaining ideal conditions inside. Our packaging is made of PET material of very high quality and resistance; we protect our product with barriers to UV rays and humidity. At the end of the packaging process the containers are verified automatically by a metal detector to guarantee the highest level of security in the distribution of our products.

Oil Extract

Once our Chia seeds have passed multiple steps of selection and treatment, the grains are transported automatically by sanitary conveyor belts to our extraction room where they pass through a cold pressing and filtering process leaving our final product in ideal conditions for consumption. We do everything necessary to preserve the natural properties of our Chia seeds.

Engarrafamento de Óleos

Nossa linha de Óleos é envasada na própria fábrica, por uma máquina 100% automática, que garante um alto rendimento e o mesmo padrão de qualidade. O óleo é transportada por dutos especiais dos tanques ate a envasadora, o que elimina o risco de contaminação nesse processo.

Flour Production

The flour production process includes rigid controls for humidity, temperatute, and granulometry to allow our products to be offered at the greatest standards of quality.

Stock Control

Our own product warehousing stores final products to be transported for sale. Authorized access is needed to enter these areas which are monitored by security cameras 24 hours a day. All control and security of these areas are standardized to all regulations of HACCP and BPM.


The selected seeds are packaged in PET bags of 25kg and organized and approved for transport on wooden pallets. The pallets are then covered in transport wrapping with security tape to guarantee adequate conditioning for transport.

Preparation for Export

All containers used for any method of transport of products are cleaned and specially prepared to avoid product contamination.

Food security

We follow strictly a set of international standards for production, transport and storage of our products to ensure that all foods Produza foods meet ideal standards with excellence for consumption within the international standards of good practices of hygiene and food safety.

Specialized Packaging

We utilize stand-up pouches (Doy-Pack) for our chia seeds and chia flour. They can be purchased with or without zippers, available in 8.8oz, 17,6oz, or 35,2oz sizes. Each container passes through an automated metal detection process, allowing rejection of any containers that may have impurities.

Choose the best volume for your business! Produza foods commercializes chia oil in plastic containers of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 liters, and IBC containers of 1000 liters.

We also accept special requests for orders in the case that your business requires larger volumes. In these cases distribution will be taken care of by wooden palettes prepared to support 25kg bags wrapped in transparent plastic packing prepared with security tape. Each bag will go through the automated metal detection process.

We also offer private labeling, our production line can produce start to finish with your layouts and packaging requirements.